Greetings Adventurers

In our final review guide, we will talk about those characters that will be presented at the start and what we should expect from the game in the future.

Currently, 12 classes are represented in Korea, many of which have been developed as separate awakened and absolute branches. These developmental paths give the familiar character new weapons and new skills, allowing them to unfold from an unusual perspective.

At the start, we will expect 5 classes of Archer, Warrior, Witch, Valkyrie, Giant. Let's take a quick look at each of the classes.


Armed with a bow and dagger. Type of battle - distant, many different jumps, dodges. Very dynamic and agile class.


Armed with a sword and shield. Type of battle - close. Average damage, but quite a bit of control in the form of grabs and rollovers. Demanding for ping.


Armed with a Staff and a dagger. The type of battle is distant. A lot of AOE attacks and control.


Armed with a sword and shield. Type of battle - close. Good control and level of damage.


Armed with axes and lanyards. Type of battle - close. A lot of jumping, AOE, control. Indispensable in the masses of pvp.

In more detail about each of the classes we will tell in video guides and detailed reviews closer to the start of the global version.

Stay with us and wait for new interesting guides, join our communities, watch video reviews, chat and ask questions.

And see you on the Global!