In this article I want to talk about the shortcomings of Black Desert Mobile and how they could be solved.

Before talking badly about Black Desert Mobile, I’ll say a few words:

  • - At the moment, I consider Black Desert Mobile the best game.
  • - In this article I will adhere to the rule "Blaming - propose"
  • - In this thread, I will NOT address issues with donation.

I'll start with the monster hunt

One of the main problems is that 90% of the success depends on the online character (namely the character, not the player). Players who can afford to leave a character online 24/7 get more benefits than a player who plays more actively, but cannot afford online 24/7.


  • - Decrease the importance of auto-hunting.
  • - Add content that requires the real presence of the player. (this is partially implemented on Korean servers, added Trade, Dange - Path of Glory)
  • - Create more PVP zones similar to Nightmare.

Auto passage of a story quest and bots

On the global version, players who use Bot get more advantage over players who try to play fair. If the developers are interested in a fair game, why not give the opportunity to use the capabilities of the bot to all players (we are talking about auto passing the story quest).


On Korean servers, the ability to automatically complete the story quest with additional characters has been added. By adding this feature, players do not have to use third-party applications or suffer passing the same story several times.

Disadvantages of Black Desert Mobile and how to solve them Black Desert Mobile

Siege War

There is currently a problem with the Siege of the Castle. The point is that it is the defender who decides who will be the next owner of the Castle. Is that right?

I’ll explain what kind of mechanics it is now: To win, you need to destroy the crystal of the protecting Guild. The siege of the castle is made in such a way that it is almost impossible to defend itself against two guilds and this is good, so we get a new owner every week. But what is the problem? The defender chooses a guild which the castle will not receive, using the demolition of the bridge, and simply delaying the enemy, while the second guild without resistance destroys the crystal of Defense. Thus, the siege lasts about 5 minutes and whoever wins decides the Protecting Guild.


  • - Strengthen the crystal of the guild guild, so there may be a chance to defend against two guilds (having survived the attack for 2 hours) and there will be a chance to reach the crystal of two attacking guilds.
  • - Prohibit the destruction of the bridge in the first minutes of the siege. Giving the opportunity to go through the first ogre.
  • - Reduce the gate's HP so that the attacking guilds reach the crystal faster.
  • - Change the victory conditions, consider the winner as the guild that will cause more damage to the crystal (in this way both attacking guilds at the crystal will fight among themselves)

Guild War

At the moment, guild wars seem boring and useless to me. The guild to declare war spends money, the enemy guild after an hour of war can stop the war. The winner guild does not receive anything, but only loses (if it declared war).


On the Korean servers introduced the content "Guild Wars Season" guild players who won first places received a good reward. Why not make Guild Wars meaningful, Why not add a reward for victory. A few suggestions:

  • - Allow guilds to choose the direction of PVP / PVE
  • - For the PVP guilds to offer content where randomly after a certain time a war appears with another PVP guild. Selection takes place by rating. At the end of the season, PVP guild players receive a reward depending on the place in the ranking.
  • - During the war, remove the ability to change the channel, players of the same guild and enemies should always be on the same channel.
  • - Remove the possibility of offline hunting during guild wars.

That's all. I repeat: Black Desert Mobile currently ranks first, but this does not mean that it can not be done better!