The developers shared their main plans for 2020. They told what updates to wait and in what period. Let's see how this happened on the servers of Korea.

Q1 2020 updates

  • - Portuguese Language Support
  • - New Classes
  • - New Zone: Southern and Northern Mediah
  • - New World Boss: Karanda

Q2 2020 updates

  • - New Classes
  • - New Zone: Western Valencia
  • - New World Boss: Nouver
  • - New PVE content: Merchantry
  • - New PVP content: Siege Wars
  • - Reinforced Skill
  • - Special Boss Rush

Q3 2020 updates

  • - New Classes
  • - New Zone: Northern Valencia
  • - New PVE content: Tower of Trials
  • - Class Awakening

Q4 2020 updates

  • - New Classes
  • - Enraged World Boss Series
  • - New PVE Content: Path of Glory
  • - Class Ascension

Further update details

All information below is based on data from the Black Desert Mobile Korean server. Updates to the Global version may differ from the Korean one, so do not treat the information below as a 100% source, everything can change.

New Classes

New Classes is gradually being added to the game. There are currently 13 classes available in Korea. At the beginning of the game, Korea and Taiwan added - New Classes about once a month. Class order on the servers of Korea: Blade Master, Dark Knight, Sorceress, Beast Master, Striker, Maehwa, Lahn, Mystic

2020 Upgrade Plan Black Desert Mobile

New Territories

Gradually, the world of Black Desert Mobile is growing, new locations are added to the game. After Cron Castle, Media, then Valencia. Desert is currently available in Korea.

2020 Upgrade Plan Black Desert Mobile

World bosses

In addition to Kzarka, the world will also add new world bosses Karanda, Nouver. Angry world bosses will also be introduced: Red Nose, Geass, and so on. You can find out more in this guide.

2020 Upgrade Plan Black Desert Mobile


Trade is a peaceful way to earn silver by buying and selling various items in different cities. More about trading can be found in this guide.

2020 Upgrade Plan Black Desert Mobile

Siege Wars

Siege wars differ from the war for the knot. In the siege of the territory involved 3 guilds. In addition to elephants and cannons, also use Ogres. Only the best guilds can take part in the siege of the territory. Siege wars take place once a week on Saturday.

Reinforced Skill

3 skills of each class are enhanced by completing special quests.

Special Boss Rush

When exchanging regular tickets, it will become possible to obtain a special ticket for the Boss. Passing such a boss requires a special strategy. More information about the passage of each boss can be found in this guide.

2020 Upgrade Plan Black Desert Mobile

Tower of Trials

The tower is a family dungeon. To pass the tower requires additional characters. Initially, 4 characters of level 45+ are enough. In the future, add additional floors of the Tower and expand the number of participants.

2020 Upgrade Plan Black Desert Mobile

Awakening / Ascension of classes

Each class having passed a special quest will be able to choose two development paths; upon awakening or Ascension, skill and weapon are completely changed. Awakening of equipment also becomes available. What awakened / ascended classes will look like in the classes category.

Path of Glory

Family dungeon for the passage of which will need 6 characters. In this guide you can find an approximate description of what is the Path of Glory (currently in Korea, the Path of Glory looks a little different).

2020 Upgrade Plan Black Desert Mobile