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Today we will talk briefly about the most valuable that we have in the game, about our favorite characters. Many of us will spend a lot of time in the editor, adjusting the color of the eyes, hairstyle and length of the legs and not only. But let's dwell on the characteristics of the character.
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So, each character is unique and has its own characteristics that do not apply to all characters in the account. So, the main characteristics include attack, defense, critical damage, attack and movement speed, critical strike force and other stats.

These characteristics are influenced by a whole host of factors, ranging from the black spirit level, as well as armor, weapons, and bijou. All these elements can give different bonuses to different characteristics and our goal will be to make the necessary characteristics as close as possible to the maximum value.

Armor, weapons and jewelry have a number of features. For example, armor and jewelry are the same for all classes; there is no usual division into armor, leather armor and robe. At any time, you can change your new character into the existing armor of your main character. But weapons and additional weapons are more unique. Some are suitable for only one class (like a Withc’s staff), and some can be equipped with several types of characters (like a shield and a sword from a Valkyrie and a warrior).

Let us pay attention to the black spirit, which will grow and develop with us, helping us in our game life. With it, we can improve our equipment, craft and insert stones into the equipment, make a rune circle, and even call more powerful black spirit skills on the character. The black spirit grows and raises its level, and is also the same for all characters on the account.

Black Desert Mobile Overview p.4

Let's say a few words about GS. This is the value that shows how developed our character is, it consists of a combination of attack and defense indicators, but we will talk more about him in a separate guide, with examples of what to pay attention to and how to increase it.

Stay with us and wait for new interesting guides, join our communities, watch video reviews, chat and ask questions.

And see you on the Global!