si vis pacem para bellum (want peace? - get ready for war)

What are we all about the peaceful activities and mobs. You are also interested in PVP modes no less than ours, right?

Let's look at how the world of Black Desert Mobile is ready to please us.

First is the PK mode in the farm. It is presented in two forms, which, if they are not at the start, will be introduced in the next updates. You can turn on the mode in the usual location, which will give you a small increase to the experience gained and the ability to attack players with the same included mode, and will be attacked. And of course, these are special areas of Nightmares, where all players except your guild are enemy and can be attacked, but they can also attack, so be careful, this is not the best place for the AFK regimen.

Black Desert Mobile Overview p.5

Also in the game there is an arena where players fight among themselves. Most fights take place in manual mode, but if you are completely lazy, you can turn on the car, but the chances of winning will be low. Auto mode in the arena is completely undesirable, even if you doubt your skills, it is better to train and participate in friendly duels.

Black Desert Mobile Overview p.5

Guilds play a large role in mass PvP. By staying in them you not only make new friends, but also discover 2 interesting types of PvP, such as guild wars and siege nodes. Guild wars will give you and your comrades inexpressible excitement in finding and participating in battles with the warring guild in an open field, and a siege of nodes will show which of you tactics, strategist and will bring a pleasant reward in case of victory.

Stay with us and wait for new interesting guides, join our communities, watch video reviews, chat and ask questions.

And see you on the Global!