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Only today and only now we have prepared for you an overview of what you can do as a peaceful estate owner in the world of Black Desert Mobile.

Fort / Manor

Have you ever wanted to feel yourself in MMORPG, not only as an honorable warrior or explorer, but also as a landlord, with your own servants, estate and even a whole village? The world of Black Desert Mobile gives such opportunities to all players without exception. Upon reaching a certain level and moving up the chain of storyline quests, you will receive your small village, which you will be able to develop and decorate as you wish. A detailed overview of all the possibilities will be provided later, for now we will only briefly talk about the opportunities that we receive with the fort.

  • Thanks to the estate, we get extensive opportunities for crafting and trading. We can also hire servants (we will talk about them in a separate review), thanks to which we can not only obtain resources, but also trade (the world trade system already works in Korea, and its publishing on the global version is just a matter of time).
  • In the fort, we can build a lot of useful buildings that will help us in the game life. There you can obtain stones, craft and enchance gear, produce paints (to give suits a unique color) and much, much more.
  • Also in the fort, we will receive a special kind of quests, which would bring us important influence points, useful resources, exp and money.
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Oh, why are you so pale, haven’t you heard that it’s useless to stay at home all the time, even if in such a beautiful and fortified estate like yours? Why not go fishing? Yes, you heard right. How about catching not only a bream, but also have a possibly to catch a goldfish? In the game, both automatic and manual fishing are available in the form of a mini-game. And if you do not want to play a mini-game - just leave your character in idle fishing rod equipped, he will catch the fish and continue the process automatically.

Black Desert Mobile Overview p.2

Why not to chat with NPC? Indeed, in addition to the usual quests, with several NPC you can also make friends. In this case you will receive not only his warm hugs, but also some useful items. For example, it can be a gear enhancement stone or even something more expensive. And some of NPCs may provide you an additional quest with reward not only in influence points, but also, for example, additional carrying capacity for the character. Sounds good, isn't it?

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They sent us on a distant quest, but we are not going to walk there on foot, are we? Oh, and isn't it a wild horse in that forest? And we still have empty stables in our fort. Let's take a lasso and sugar, as a bait for the horse, and try to catch it. As we catch - we also must complete a mini-game, Yi-ha, like a real cowboy. Want some details? Be sure - you will read about horses in later guides.

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If your servants say that the warehouses are almost empty and you are short of wood, stone and medicinal herbs, is there a solution? Well, you are a lord, but sometimes you need to pick up not only weapons, but also an ax or a sickle. And here is a little forest where you can get hold of wood, and we have enough energy for this. You can collect both manually and automatically, but watch out for energy. As soon as it runs out - you have to rest until it recovers.

Black Desert Mobile Overview p.2

Hmmm, and what is it that? Those monsters are looking suspiciously at us? But no, we’ll talk about hunting next time.

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