At the moment, Black Desert Mobile has an event Onwards to Mediah, thus hinting that new territories will be introduced in the near future. In addition to the territory, it is also likely that new content will be added about which we will describe below.

All of the information below is taken from the update history of Korea and Taiwan. Updates for the Global version of Black Desert Mobile may vary.

Equipment Engraving

On the Taiwan servers, two weeks after the start, the ability to Equipment Engraving was added. Engraving something like a stone inlay, we will talk about engraving in a separate guide.

What will the next update Black Desert Mobile

What you need to know in advance:

  • You can engrave equipment higher than the purple rank, the higher the rank of the equipment, the greater the bonus from engraving.
  • For engraving, special stones are used, which can be obtained by feeding the black spirit of equipment starting from the violet rank and above.
  • Jewelry is also possible to engrave. To get engraving stones for jewelry, you need to feed black spirit jewelry of a blue rank and higher.
  • In purple equipment and jewelry 1 slot for engraving, in gold and orange 2 slots. Equipment of blue rank and below cannot be engraved.

To whom funds allow, you can now begin to buy equipment to get engraving stones in the future.

Guild warrior and siege nodes

On the Taiwan servers, 2 weeks after the start, the ability to Fight between guilds was added. A week later, the first siege of knots was introduced. Read more about sieges in this guide.

What will the next update Black Desert Mobile

Bonus from a set of legendary and mythical jewelry

3 weeks after the launch, Taiwan added a bonus for wearing legendary and mythical jewelry.

What will the next update Black Desert Mobile


A week after the launch, Taiwan relics were added to the Taiwan servers. Shards for crafting can be obtained by hunting monsters, fishing, Ancient Ruins and Solo Bosses.

What will the next update Black Desert Mobile

New tab in the Collector's Book

Perhaps we are also waiting for a new tab in the Collector's Book. What will be in the collection is unfortunately not known. But we recommend that you do not spend Shakatu coins before upgrading, as well as gifts and just in case, read the map of fishing places.

I repeat that this information is taken from the update history in Taiwan, the versions of the games are very different, so the schedule may be different. But all this content will sooner or later appear on the Global version and we must be prepared for this.