The path of glory is a family dungeon like Tower Defense. Crowds of monsters are coming at you. Trying to destroy the gates, controlling your characters must hold back the waves of monsters and protect the gates as long as possible. How to do this as effectively as possible in this guide.

Initial preparation

To enter, you need 100 levels of black spirit, as well as from 2 to 6 characters on your account with at least 4 skills. To achieve the best result, you need 6 characters with the maximum possible GS. In conclusion, we choose the complexity under our GS level. The higher the difficulty level, the greater the reward.

Initial preparation Black Desert Mobile

Dungeon interface

Before you begin, familiarize yourself with the controls, you will have to control 6 characters simultaneously, watch which side the monsters are on, give buffs in time and so on.

Dungeon interface Black Desert Mobile
  • 1. Health is your gate. Does not replenish in any way, after destruction the dungeon closes
  • 2. The number of waves. Maximum possible 10 levels of 3 waves. For each wave, 1 minute is given. As soon as less than 5 monsters remain, the next wave is launched.
  • 3. Positive effects. Using the elements obtained by killing a particular monster in each wave, the player can use 3 skills (before the upgrade) 5 skills (after the upgrade). Skills before upgrading:
    • 1. Character health. For one use it compensates for 30% of lost health. Spends 2 items, recharge time 5 seconds.
    • 2. Attack of characters. Increases character attack by 300 for 15 seconds. Spends 5 elements, recharge time 20 seconds..
    • 3. Ancient roar. Destroys all enemies. Spends 15 items, recharge time 30 seconds.
  • Skills after upgrade:
    • 1. Increases character Attack. Consumes 3 items
    • 2. Slows down monsters. Consumes 5 items
    • 3. Deals damage to monsters. Consumes 5 items
    • 4. Restores health to your character. Consumes 5 items
    • 5. Causes the Elephant who blows everything in its path. Consumes 20 items
  • 4. Button placement of characters. A very important point, your characters should always be in action, arrange them in such a way that they always attack the monsters. In the next update, the placement of characters has changed, you can arrange to change the position of 5 characters, then wait 30 seconds and again you can change 5 characters. Dead character can not change position.
  • 5. The health of your characters. Keep track of the health of the characters, in time remove them from the line of fire, do not forget to restore the health of your characters.

Reward for passing

Your reward depends on the level of difficulty chosen, the higher the difficulty the better the reward. The number of awards depends on the number of levels passed, for example, after passing 10 levels, you will multiply your reward 10 times.

Reward for passing Black Desert Mobile


In the update 17.04 added a new item Insignia, which gives your character from 30 to 100 GS. The badge of distinction can only be obtained by walking the Path of Glory, the first mark you will receive on the quest, on the second you will have to walk 30 times the Path of Glory. The very best Insignia can be obtained from the dungeon Path of Glory.

Награда за прохождение Black Desert Mobile

Also, Insignia can be improved with the help of special items that fall after passing a dungeon.

Награда за прохождение Black Desert Mobile


  • 1. Never let your character stand idle.
  • 2. Do not forget about the attack from the center of the road, there are the most nasty monsters.
  • 3. Test where you get more rewards, passing your level of complexity but only 2-5 waves or passing a level lower but completely, thereby multiplying your reward much more.

If you have something to add, write in the comments, share your successes, tactics.