In update 22.09 added Special Boss Rush. To tunneling through the RB in the exchange quest item for penetration.
Reid Boss

In the passage of reinforced RB there are several features. About which we will tell and show below.

Red Nose.

During the Red Nose collapses occur, in which huge boulders are formed, at this time The red Nose rushes with great speed on all sides and knocks you down causing huge damage. Our goal is to stand between The red nose and the boulder so that, repeat this procedure with all the boulders, The red nose calms down, and we continue to farm.


In the beginning and in the middle of the GIAS to sit down and begins to pray. In this moment on you neck a large number of mobs. Your goal is to destroy the idol, which he prays.


During the farm of Bheg, towers appear during which Bheg deals huge damage. Our goal is to destroy a tower that emits the same color as above RB, while trying to take less damage from Bhega, we destroy it and immediately hit Bhega while he sits and mourns for it.

Al Rhundi.

Passed is not difficult. Enough to take attention of all the mobs and RB themselves while our assistant is looking for something in the drawers.


Of the features of Titium, he is Toad, this is his most powerful massive skill, which first appears on 16 strips of hp, then on 10 and before his death, we also see a series of this massive skill. During the appearance of circles in the swamp, you need to find and stand in the yellow circle and wait until Titium makes a procast.


During the passage of the reinforced Muskan avoid purple circles. Also, 80% and 50% of HP Maskan starts spinning while doing great damage, in order to stop his torsion you need to put out the torches, to do this, go up to them and talk before moving away from Muskan to a safe distance.


During the farm Ogre boilers appear that need to be destroyed, just switch to them, you need to destroy everything.


With the removal of 20% hp Kelcas goes underground, you vyhvlyuyte him, through the purple teleports right and left. In one of them, just mobs in another copy of the Republic of Belarus, kill all the copies and return to the first location, finish off Kelcas.

Black Mane

During the pharmacy of the Republic of Belarus there will appear catapults, during the catapults RB has increased protection, run through and destroy all the catapults when RB has less than 20% HP, it activates the altar in the center, the altar causes heavy damage. Need to immediately destroy RB.

Saunil Siege Captain

At the beginning we kill monsters and mini RB, then immediately talk to the NPC and only then go to the RB. We kill three small saunil then we inflict damage on RB, after the jump we immediately go to the hill and again kill the small sonil, go down and help to finish off the RB.


At 80% and 50% of HP RB starts spinning. We leave from his attacks with jumps and go behind the white obelisks, RB collides with them and falls to the ground. At 20% of HP Belarus hides in one of the houses, we just find it and destroy it. The name of this RB I do not know who played in BDO tell me in the comments.