In the February 22 update, new family dungeon was added on the servers of Korea - Glory Way, updated Nightmare locations

Glory Way

The Glory Way is a new family dungeon, which can be held once a day. To enter you need to reach 100 levels of black spirit, as well as 2-6 characters on the account. More about the new dungeon in guide.


The Nightmare zone was greatly changed. From now on, only one zone will be available, every week a new one. The drop and power of the monsters depends on the level and power of the characters inside the location..

Black Desert Mobile Korea


The developers report that after 4 updates, all players who create a character will be presented with another level 60 and dressed in +30 mythical equipment. Just have about a week to make room for a new character..


Black spirit quests(22.02 – 07.03)

Complete 15 quests of the black spirit / Complete 10 lands of valor / Kill 50000 mobs and get 300 solo scrolls RB / 30 mythical feed / 15 coins of valor.

Black Desert Mobile Korea

Collecting power (22.02 – 14.03)

When killing monsters, the player receives special items that can be exchanged for useful items..

Black Desert Mobile Korea