In the January 10 update, Taiwan added a new Pet rank, increased the number of floors in the Learning Tower, added the ability to sharpen equipment above 40

Pets 5th grade.

Added 5 rank pets. The color of this rank is golden, the method of obtaining is the same, we cross two pets of 4 ranks and in case of luck we get one pet of 5 ranks with one special skill. You can read more about this in our guide.

Black Desert Mobile Taiwan

Learning tower.

Increased the number of floors of the Learning Tower to 40. To complete all floors, you need 20,000 total GS.

Black Desert Mobile Taiwan

Sharpening 40+.

Sharpening to +40 remains the same. To raise an item above 40, you need new black high-frequency stones. High-frequency stones can be crafted from ordinary black stones in your Forte. After 40+ if the equipment upgrade is unsuccessful, you lose a point -1, but you can spend 200 scrolls of restoration and restore the old sharpening with a 50% chance. At the same time, the item cannot be lowered below 40. Also, at point 40+, Valks Tips can be used which can be purchased at the game store. When using Valks Soviets, you can raise the chance that the object will be sharpened by 10% / 50%. Cost per click 5kk silver.

Black Desert Mobile Taiwan

Changed the weight of the sharpening, from now on, any point weighs 0.01LT, they also asked for the opening of a large number of boxes.

Added a mini-game when downloading updates. The mini-game does not affect the game itself.