In the December 27 update, Taiwan servers introduced a bonus at sharpening equipment by + 33-40, added 3 enhanced RBs and added a new level of Ancient Ruins.

Bonus sets.

When sharpening equipment by + 33-40, the player receives a new bonus:

  • 33+ - +40 attack and +10 defense
  • 36+ - +80 attack and 12 defense
  • 40+ - +120 attack and 14 defense
Black Desert Mobile Taiwan

Reinforced Solo RB

Added 3 Enhanced solos of the Republic of Belarus: Kelkas, Black Mane, Captain of the siege Sonil. Passage of all RB can be viewed in this guide.

Ancient ruins.

Added a new level of ancient ruins. Minimum GS for input 4000.

Black Desert Mobile Taiwan

Added new ratings.

Black Desert Mobile Taiwan

Coin of luck.

Added the ability to throw a coin into the fountain. At the first throwing of silver or pearls, you will get the title associated with this action, only 2 titles you get at throwing in Epheria the second at Heidel

Black Desert Mobile Taiwan