The camp at Black Desert Mobile serves as a personal estate. Each player has the opportunity to build various buildings in which you can create useful objects for the development of the character. In this guide, we will consider the Camp in more detail.

The camp becomes accessible after passing the Red Nose. Immediately after the RB, a chain of purple quest appears that introduces the player to the Camp. You can get to the camp by clicking on the tent icon in the quick menu. Once in the camp, the camp interface appears, consider it in more detail.

Camp Interface

Camp overview in Black Desert Mobile
  • 1. Using this button, you can change the camera for viewing the camp.
  • 2. Using this button you can shuffle / delete / rotate the buildings of your personal fort.
  • 3. The button displays the name and level of buildings.
  • 4. A convenient button for communication of all free workers (energy points are spent for communication).
  • 5. The button allows you to visit Friends Camps.
  • 6. The number of workers is shown and how many of them are not engaged in anything.
  • 7. When you click on the button, a list of all workers opens.
  • 8. When you click on the button, the menu for building buildings opens.
  • 9. Using this button you can send workers to collect resources.
  • 10. Exit from the camp
  • 11. An exclamation mark above the worker’s head indicates the completion of the work.
  • 12. From time to time, useful objects that can be collected appear on the territory of the Camp, usually these are resources or gifts.
  • 13. Periodically, NPCs come to the Camp who issue tasks about them; we will talk in more detail below.
  • 14. The button allows you to get acquainted with all buildings for creating objects and a list of these objects at each level of the building.

Hiring workers

With the help of the workers, the entire Camp is managed. Workers gather resources, build buildings, create objects. Without them, the camp is useless. Hiring workers takes place in the Pub. More information on workers can be found in this guide.


Clicking on the Build button opens a list of the building that you can build, to build the building you need resources and a free worker. After construction, some buildings can be improved, while the improvement expands the functionality. There are buildings that do not need construction and improvements. More information about the types of the building and the priority of their construction can be found in this guide.

Camp overview in Black Desert Mobile

Resource gathering

You can send workers to gathering resources using the Gather button. Resource gathering requires time and food for workers. There is the usual gathering and the world. By sending workers to the global gathering of resources, you can get significantly more resources.

To open the places of the world gathering you need to go through the main quest and pump the craft skills of the character.

Camp overview in Black Desert Mobile

Camp Expansion

The camp area can be increased with the help of silver. This can be done in the Town Hall building. But at the start of the game there is enough territory to accommodate all the buildings without expansion. Expansion is necessary if the player wants to somehow decorate the Camp or to make more space between buildings.

Camp Quests

Sometimes NPCs from the city visit the Camp, they can get various tasks related to the Camp. For example, quests are:

  • Get a character tree/stone/grass in the amount of 3/5/15
  • Give a resource in exchange for black stones
  • Spend 20 Stamine Points or 10,000 Silver

With an increase in the level of the Camp, the quality and quantity of quests increases. For quests, in addition to the main reward, the player always receives influence points, which are very important for the development of the camp.

Camp overview in Black Desert Mobile

We also recommend that you familiarize yourself with other guides related to the Camp. In them you will find All kinds of buildings, how to choose the right workers and the cost of all buildings. Knowing this, you will not make mistakes during the development of the Camp.