In this article we will try to describe all the buildings of the personal Camp, their functionality, as well as the priority of the construction of all these buildings.

High priority buildings

Town hall

The first and most important building is the Town Hall. This building brings a certain amount of silver once a day, the amount depends on the level of construction. In order to raise the level of the Team post, in addition to resources, a certain level of other camp buildings is required, a list of the necessary buildings is given, buildings that have reached the required level are shown in green, those that need to be pumped are indicated in red. Also in this building you can expand your estate. Expand as necessary. The maximum level of other buildings depends on the level of the Town Hall.

Town hall Black Desert Mobile


The second most important building is housing for workers. The more housing and the higher the level, the more workers in the Camp. At each new level of the Town Hall, the construction of another housing is available.

Lodging Black Desert Mobile


The third most important building is a Refinery for the production of Black stones. We advise you to raise the level of the building in the first place, with each new level increased the chance of falling more expensive black stones, as well as increased the number of accumulation points. Still is possible craft Black of stones and Black energy.

Refinery Black Desert Mobile

Food Storage

Food Storage lets you store food for your workers. As the level increases, the food limit in the barn increases. Food Storage is included in High priority buildings because it is needed to raise the level of the Town Hall. Once the Barn has reached level 8, you can focus on other buildings, as the limit of 37,000 food is enough for 25 workers.

Food Storage Black Desert Mobile


With the increase in the level of the stable, the number of places for horses increases. The stable enters buildings with high priority up to level 4. At level 4, 10 places for horses are enough for their breeding. Stable level 4 is needed for the development of the Town Hall.

Stable Black Desert Mobile

Alchemy Lab

In the alchemical laboratory, you can craft HP potions from grass and crystals from stone. Also, to improve the Town Hall, it is necessary to improve the Laboratory to level 7.

Alchemy Lab Black Desert Mobile


In the forge, you can create weapons and equipment from resources, from green to purple rank. At level 3 of the forge, the entire range of equipment is available, the entire list of weapons is available at level 6. Despite this, the Forge is included in the list of essential buildings due to the fact that it is needed to raise the Town Hall.

Blacksmith Black Desert Mobile


On the farm you can raise animals that after a certain time give food. It is enough to populate animals on the farm once, wait until they grow up and periodically collect objects using which you can replenish the amount of food at any time. In addition to eating animals from the farm, you can get special items that you can sell for a good amount of silver. At the start of the game, 2 types of animals are available. Chicken and sheep, Chickens give eggs every 8 hours, sheep give milk every 20 hours. A special item from hens costs 200,000 from a sheep 500,000 silver. In case of urgent need for food for workers, animals can be cut.

Ranch Black Desert Mobile

Medium priority buildings


It allows you to harvest after a certain time by sowing various seeds, thereby providing your workers with food. With the increase in the level of the Town Hall, it becomes possible to immediately put 2-3 gardens. The cost of construction is low.

Garden Black Desert Mobile

Trade Shop

In the mall, you can create various items that you can sell to merchants in cities. But you need this building to close some contributions in the Collector's Book (3 levels are enough for the first book of Prelude to War)

Trade Shop Black Desert Mobile

Deco Workshop

In the workshop you can make various decorative items for the Camp. But like a retail store, a workshop is more needed to close the collection (to close the Prelude to War book, 3 levels of the workshop are enough)

Deco Workshop Black Desert Mobile

Trading Post

The building allows you to exchange resources 10 to 3 (it is not recommended to exchange resources this way). It also opens a new functionality for node management.

Trading Post Black Desert Mobile

Dye Workshop

In the dyeing workshop you can create paint for painting equipment, you can also create costumes to change the appearance of equipment and weapons (the cost of creating costumes is very high, it is not recommended to do this at the beginning of the game).

Dye Workshop Black Desert Mobile

Low priority buildings


Serves as a repository for your items. At the first stages of the game, 50 slots of the 1st level warehouse are enough for the game. Expanding the warehouse is only necessary if additional places are needed. An important point during the improvement of a building is not to use it.

Storage Black Desert Mobile


An extractor is needed to analyze ground equipment, the higher the grade of equipment, the higher the level of extractor is required. At the beginning of the game there is no need to use this building.

Extractor Black Desert Mobile

Buildings not requiring construction


A tavern is the place where you can hire workers.

Pub Black Desert Mobile

Expedition Gateway

With the help of this building you can get into the ancient ruins. In subsequent updates with the help of this building, it will also be possible to get into the Land of Valor and the Bridge of Glory.

Expedition Gateway Black Desert Mobile

Rush Board

With this building you can get to the Bosses.

Rush Board Black Desert Mobile