Node war is the best way to show the strength and discipline of their guild. The winning guild will receive a node in the possession that will bring the tax in the form of silver. In this guide you can find detailed information about the siege of node.

Basic information

The siege of nodes takes place every day except Saturday, at 22:00. In case of failure, the guild may take part in the siege of another node the next day.

Up to 3 guilds can take part in the siege of one node. If the number of those wishing to attend the above 3 are selected guilds with the best bet. If a node owns a guild, besides defending guild will also be selected 2 more guild

The siege of the node lasts 2 hours or until one victorious guild remains on the battlefield. If, after two hours, 2-3 guilds remain on the battlefield, the node becomes a draw.

If no member of the guild participated in the last siege, the guild cannot register at another site within 7 days.

On the map you can find 3 types of nodes, they differ in level. The higher the level, the more taxes the node brings.

Siege Guild Registration

To register, the guild leader must place a bet on the Siege Gateway on a node you like. Siege Gateway is located on the territory of the guild fort. Bidding closes 12 hours before the siege. At the end of the auction, 2-3 guilds with the highest bid are selected.

Node Siege in Black Desert Mobile

The leader must choose a node, focusing on a convenient day and node level. If there is a lot of competition for the node, the leader must offer a competitive bid in order to become a participant. If the guild loses bidding, all funds are returned to the guild fund.

Node Siege in Black Desert Mobile

Siege preparation

Within 12 hours before the siege, preparation takes place. Any guild member can upgrade siege structures with resources. As the level of the structure increases, the amount of HP increases. Protection of structures remains unchanged.

Node Siege in Black Desert Mobile


Node Siege in Black Desert Mobile
  • 1. Guild Base Locations
  • 2. Buff tower
  • 3. Hwacha

With the beginning of the siege, an invitation is sent to all the guild members and they will send you to Battlefield, but you can get to the battlefield 5 minutes before the start using Siege Gateway.

Own and enemy artifact appear in one of 5 places on the map, first of all, you need to send several players to find the enemy base, you need to look along the edge of the map.

The main group of players must go to take the buff tower. For buff enough to deliver the final blow Towers. The tower buff acts on all members of the guild for 3 minutes and gives 100 attacks and 300 defense, if the character is killed, the buff drops.

Some players are needed to capture and guard Hwacha. Hwacha deals good damage to players setting fire to a large area at the point of impact.

Siege menu

At the very top is the kill / death counter, by clicking on the magnifying glass you can find out detailed information about all members of the guild separately.

Just below the menu is available only for the guild leader and those members of the guild who have the appropriate rights. In this menu we see the number of remaining cannons and elephants, as well as clan buffs that need to be activated as needed.

When enemies call an elephant or cannons, a corresponding message will appear in the center of the screen.

Node Siege in Black Desert Mobile

Base construction

The base consists of an Artifact, two towers and a barricade. Barricades between the narrow passage through which can be passed to players, but you can not pass an elephant, in order to make it more convenient to go to the enemy base, need to partially break down the barricades.

Node Siege in Black Desert Mobile

The towers cause total damage, that is, if the character alone is under the enemy tower, he takes great damage, but if for example there are 20 players under the enemy tower, the damage from the towers is almost not felt.

To defeat the siege, you need to destroy all enemy artifacts, while not letting the enemies destroy their artifact. A guild whose artifact is destroyed leaves Battlefield.

Useful information

The appearance of the Tower with the buff is exactly 10 minutes since the last hit on it.

Taking a gun or elephant, the character becomes invulnerable until the gun or elephant is destroyed.

The range of the gun is very different from the range of the hwacha. If possible, let's learn how to shoot all the members of the guild.

When firing from a Hwacha or cannon, after each shot, messages will appear about objects or players that were hit by a shot. If there are no messages mean a player is bad aim.

At the beginning of the siege, it is worth sending scouts to detect an enemy fort.

After death, when a character appears on his fort, it is invulnerable 10 seconds of this time is enough to take the desired position.

Before a siege, it is recommended to get a horse buff. In case the character has Camp Plus, the horse’s buff is enough for the whole siege.

Node Siege in Black Desert Mobile