In the Korean update on September 25, each class was added one skill, and automatic absorption of unnecessary artifacts was also added.

New skills

Each class has a new skill added, to get it you need to destroy 5,000 monsters.

Black Desert Mobile Korea

Auto Relic Absorption

Added the ability to collect relics, immediately use them to increase the level of black spirit or tower skill.

Black Desert Mobile Korea


Bingo – Added a new event after passing which you can get envelopes for boss equipment. Description of quests:

  • Solo RB 5 times
  • Complete the world boss 1 time
  • Spend 100,000 Silver
  • Spend 100 Energy Points
Black Desert Mobile Korea

Daily Quests - Within 2 weeks, a new quest will appear every day, completing which you can get a box with books of awakened skills and absolute classes.

Black Desert Mobile Korea