In the July 18 update, the Black Sun zone was added to the Korea servers, the gaming store interface was changed, the Personal Fort was added.

Black Sun

Every evening from 21:00 - 22:00 the Black Sun rises over the territory of the Northern part of Valencia. The northern part of Valencia becomes a PVP zone for being in which 140 points are awarded every 30 seconds. For killing another player you can get half of his points. You can kill everyone except Guild members. At the end of the day, players receive a reward depending on the points of the sun. Every new day points are reset to 5000. More details can be said after the test of the Black Sun.

  • 140 points of the sun for 30 seconds in the zone
  • 2800 sun points in 10 minutes in the zone
  • 50% of player's points which killed
Black Desert Mobile Korea

Game store

Changed the game store interface, added tags, added limits, made the store more compact.

Managing Personal Fort

For 150 pearls per week, you can purchase a Manager for your Personal Fort. The manager is following. One of the main functions of the Manager, your personal bank becomes available anywhere in the world, and does not require access to your personal fort, to open a bank you just go to your inventory and select the 3 tab. The same manager oversees your gardens, workers, farm and plant Black stones. In general, convenient and useful.

Black Desert Mobile Korea