In the update on July 11, a new Lan class was added on the servers of Korea, a store was introduced in which you can spend coins received in Hadum, new fishing spots were added.

New class Lan

They added a new class Lan, and together with Lan they added a new server. Together with Lahn, we added an event for pumping, starting at level 10 Lahn, every 5 levels you will receive a reward.

Black Desert Mobile Korea

Changed the method of obtaining skill. When creating a character is available 4 skills. The fifth one can be obtained at character level 10, and so every 10 levels, and a chain of quests must be completed. Total available 10 skills.

Shop Houdum

Added a shop where you can spend coins from the area of Hadum. At the moment, coins can be exchanged for shards of bosses weapons.

Black Desert Mobile Korea


In Kalfion, a new fishing spot was added next to the seed dealer. Also added new areas in which you can fish.

Black Desert Mobile Korea