In the June 20 update on Korea, the servers added the first part of a large Shadow of Darkness patch, added the Colosseum arenas, the ability to simultaneously engage in hunting and participate in the arena.

Auto Hunt and Arena

Added the ability to simultaneously collect resources / fish / kill monsters and participate in battles in the Arena. That is, you can come to the location, leave the character to collect resources, and to fly to the arena himself, the character will collect resources as long as he has work points.

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Unidentified totem shadow of darkness

The developers added the first part of the big update “Shadow of Darkness”, which included:

1. The graphics have changed, the screen has become much darker.

2. A boss shard shop in which you can buy bosses shards for silver daily, 1 piece of each type (until 04.07 it is possible to purchase 24/8/8 every day)

Black Desert Mobile Korea

3. Added new equipment - Totem, at the moment the totem can be purchased in the store and for the event. But his method of getting with each update will increase. The totem is sharpening, as is ordinary jewelry.

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Added 3 arenas of the Colosseum, where players can fight with each other, arena limit up to 30 people.

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Added the ability to change the skills of pets 5-6 rank at the expense of other pets. You can choose any pet above rank 5, choose an unnecessary skill and donating another rank grade pet to get a new skill.

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Feature Comparison

Added a button in the information about the character, which shows what and where you need to pull up in relation to other players of the same GS. You can also select GS above or below your top..

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Added new bonuses for awakened gear

Black Desert Mobile Korea

Changed the reward for closing the weekly book of items on 1500 slabs of ancient ruins.

Added bonuses for the collection of pets 6 rank.