In the June 13 update, new territories were added to the Korea servers, the PVP system was changed, the Flag of War was improved, and much more.

New Territories

Added 3 nodes of the new territory North of Valencia. Recommended GS 10 000. In order to get to the new territories, you need to complete a story quest before this point.

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PVP system

Developers claim that they have improved the PVP system. How exactly and what points have been improved can be found only in the PVP itself.

Flag of War

For a more interesting game, during the declaration of war to the guild, the warrior begins with a random guild (before the update, the guild itself chose to fight with someone).

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Arena 3x3

Improved the visibility of characters, moved the place of appearance of characters closer to each other.

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Changed the daily reward for online, depending on the level of black spirit.

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Simplified fishing, now having the fish you need, by clicking on it you can pave the way to the place where it is caught.

Events 13.06 of Korea

Added everyone's favorite cubes, reward for passing world bosses, Hot Time and daily activity.

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