In the May 16 update on the Korea server, the ability to create a new Abyss in jewelry has been added, so you can quickly increase the attenuation rate of your equipment, add the possibility of passing the Earth.

Abyss jewelry.

Added the ability to create Abyss costume jewelry from Mythical. To do this you need 15 identical jewelry. Exchanges jewelry in Kuznitsa, note that you can only exchange mythical jewelry like Ogre, Witches and so on. If you have a different type of jewelry, it can be exchanged at Shakat using scrolls of exchange.

Black Desert Mobile Korea

Automatic sharpening.

Added the ability to automatically sharpen equipment. To do this you need to choose the desired level of sharpening and chance. After confirmation, you will see accelerated sharpening equipment.

Black Desert Mobile Korea

Family Experience Bonus.

Added a bonus to the experience gained for all family members except the character of the highest level. Bonus gives + 50% to experience and helps to pump additional characters..

Earth Valor x5

Added the ability to enter the Land of Valor x5. When you click on a special tick, you will be removed 5 times more coins of Valor, while you will receive x6 drops and x2 of experience from monsters and RB.

Black Desert Mobile Korea


Increased chance of sharpening artifacts, as well as reducing the number of scrolls consumed recovery in case of failure.

Black Desert Mobile Korea

In the last locations they added the possibility of getting the Jewelry Box with jewelry, from which you can get Mythical Jewelry.

From +30 to +40, the required amount of black stones is significantly reduced, what was in the event last week remains forever.

Added a convenient window buffs. You can use various buff items directly in the buffs window.