In the update on May 9 on the servers of Korea added the Legacy of the Magician, the praise of the rating

Heritage Maga

Added the ability to choose between Awakening and Class Legacy Mag. An e-mail with an envelope was sent to your e-mail, by clicking on which you can change the awakening to the heritage.

Black Desert Mobile Korea

With confirmation, you can immediately exchange your weapons for legacy weapons by selecting the first check mark, or do it later by selecting the second one. After receiving the legacy, you will need to go through the quests to discover new skills again.

Black Desert Mobile Korea


Changed the appearance of the rating, made it more convenient. Also added a button to praise the best players in each of the ratings, for the praise you get pearls.

Black Desert Mobile Korea

Bulk opening boxes

Added the ability to open all the boxes at once. You can also tick off and all black spirit food will be immediately absorbed, this function is available from 140 black spirit levels.

Black Desert Mobile Korea

AI in Lands of Valor

If the group is not recruited within 60 seconds, the remaining slots are clogged by AI in which GS is equal to the recommended for this level of complexity.

The maximum level of the character has been increased to 90. The amount of experience that is needed to get the level is reduced.