In the update on April 17, they added a new character to Maehwa, introduced insignia, also combined the skills of awakened characters, added AI to the Ancient Ruins.


Meet the new class - Maehwa. Binder in a skirt. The main weapon is katana. Together with the new character introduced a number of events, which we consider in a separate topic.

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Combining skill level

Combined skill level for all awakened family characters.


Insignia can be obtained by passing the danzh Path of Glory. Having passed 1 time you will receive the simplest sign, having passed 30 times you will receive an average Insignia. The top distinction which gives 100 GS can be obtained from the dungeon Path of Glory with a drop.

Insignia can also be improved by pumping them with a special item. They also changed the dungeon Path of Glory, added a learning quest, added limits for the transfer of characters, added a new level of complexity. We will post more details on the changes and the Insignia in our guide on the Path of Glory, which is very outdated due to the update.

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Book items

Added a new tab to the Book of items. Closing you can get +11 GS.

Black Desert Mobile Korea

Ancient ruins

Added AI to Ancient Ruins. If the group is not assembled within 120 seconds, you can go to battle with the AI.