In the update on March 28 on the Korea server, the changes affected the Arena, the Lands of Valor, added 8 ranks of Horses, GS monsters changed in the location of Basim.

Arena against AI

Added the ability to fight AI in the Arena. If the match does not start within 30 seconds, the battle with the bot will begin, for which you will receive 50% of the reward in the event of a battle with the player.

Black Desert Mobile Korea

Lands of Valor

dded new difficulty levels in Lands of Valor 6200 GS and 7200 GS, for entering you need 15 and 20 coins of valor. With increasing complexity, the chance of getting items increases.

Black Desert Mobile Korea

Horse grade 8

Added the ability to cross horses of the 7th generation, in the end you will get the 8th rank of the horse. In addition to the 7th rank horses, you will need another special item, which can be purchased in the city from the seller of feed, the cost of the item is 100kk silver. Be careful, the probability of crossing is not 100%. In case of failure, you lose one of the horses and an apple. A rank 8 horse possesses a special skill; once an hour you can teleport to any saved point on the map. Well, in addition to this, the bonus of the main buffs is increased.

Black Desert Mobile Korea

Changed the monsters GS in the location of Basim, was 7000, made 6500.

Changed the rank display of pets and horses.