In the update on March 14, new territories of Valencia were added to the servers of Korea, the ratings were divided, the exchange of Shakatu was accelerated

Added new territories of Valencia, recommended by GS 7500. Together with the territories, new knowledge and story quests were added.

Black Desert Mobile Korea

Character rating

Added new rating types

Black Desert Mobile Korea

Shakatu Shop

Accelerated the exchange of coins for items in the store Shakatu

Black Desert Mobile Korea

Path of Glory - Changed the interface slightly, just changed the reward for the case of passing all 10 stages.

Black Spirit - Added a button that allows you to feed the spirit of all grades.


Sweet Candy - 4 quest description:

  • Destroy 1000 Monsters
  • Assemble workers 5 times the resources
  • Walk 3 times Solo RB
  • Plant 9 seed crop
Black Desert Mobile Korea