In the update, on February 28, a new branch of class inheritance was introduced, the offline pumping mode was added, the ability to engrave jewelry, the Pet Collection was introduced.

Inheritance Warrior, Archers, Valkyrie

Inheritance is currently available in 3 classes Warrior, Archer and Valkyrie. For those who have already awakened, there is a special scroll in the game store, the cost of the scroll is 100kk silver. Be careful, buying a scroll is possible only once. Do not rush to this choice, wait for the reviews.

Black Desert Mobile Korea

Offline pumping

The game appeared offline pumping character. You can leave your character on auto hunting, collecting resources or fishing. On offline pumping, you can stay up to 6 hours, or until the inventory is clogged up to 200%. When hunting for monsters of no level, you will also need XP banks.

Black Desert Mobile Korea

Awakening jewelry

Added the ability to awaken jewelry. To wake up you will need silver, as well as complete once a quest for each item list of quests:

  • 1. Necklace - Complete 15 Bosses solos above level 30.
  • 2. Belt - Complete 10 times Ancient Ruins above level 9.
  • 3. Earring - Kill 7000 Mobs in Earths of Valor
  • 4. Bracelet - Kill 3000 mobs, take the quest and run on the auto path
  • 5. Ring - Kill 2000 mobs, take the quest and run on the auto path
Black Desert Mobile Korea

Pet Collection

Added a new collection of pets, Collect pets of different levels and types and get a bonus to Attack / Protection / Health. Unlike the Book of items, pets do not disappear during registration. By registering a pet of the first rank you can pump it to the next rank and re-register it in another rank.

Shakatu Shop

In the shop Shakatu you can buy Abyss items for silver (with a certain chance), price tags for items from 50 to 100kk silver. With every unsuccessful click, the chance of getting Abyss gear increases.

Black Desert Mobile Korea

Book items

Added automatic filling of the Book of items. Simply choose a book, press the button and the items themselves fill up.

Black Desert Mobile Korea

Path of Fame - Fixed many bugs.

Character level 60 in +30 equipment

In honor of the anniversary of Black Desert Mobile, all players are presented with one character level 60 in +30 mythical equipment.