In the update on February 7, on the Taiwan servers, new RB levels were added as well as events before waking up.

RB level.

Added new levels of RB, now the level of RB can be pumped up to level 100.

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Added new costumes to the game store.

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Preparation for awakening

When you enter the game you get a set of mythical equipment.

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Event myth Gear

Complete quests every day and get a mythical dvuhslotovy set. Each quest gives 2% to get the whole set you need to complete 50 tasks. Quest description:

  • 1. Kill 500 mobs.
  • 2. Play 1 time in Arena
  • 3. Buy 1 item at auction
  • 4. Pass solo RB 1 time
  • 5. Spend 20 Shakatu coins
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Solo RB +200%

Until February 13, experience and drop with Solo RB + 200%.

Story line

Depending on the passage of story quests, you will receive various rewards. If there are difficulties, write in the comments and try to find the answer.

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Invite a friend

During the event, players who have reached level 30 can invite friends to the game. The player must be a beginner or returned. The player must register you as the invitee. You will receive a reward after the player receives level 15. Invited players will also receive pleasant bonuses.

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