In the update on January 31 added the ability to awaken Striker, changed the Battle for the flag, appeared Legendary costumes

Striker's Awakening

Good news for those who play for Striker, starting at level 60, you can wake up your character, thereby making him even stronger. As soon as there will be a translation of skills, we will publish them in our database..

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Battle for flag

Changed the battle for the flag, try to figure it out. The battle for the flag is the guild content associated with the wars between the guilds. Only the leader can apply for participation in the Battle of the flag. The cost of filing 3kk silver are removed from the guild account.

The battle of the flag will be held between the guilds declared war on the enemy guild, which also participates in the battle of the flag. Guild members participating in the Battle for the Flag receive a combat experience bonus of + 10%.

The winner is the guild that first scores points for winning the war. After winning the guild, the winner gets one flag. The winner of the guild cannot declare war on the losing guild until it loses the flag. The losing guild can declare guild war to the winner after 24 hours, and if she wins, she will get the flag back.

All guilds participating in the Battle for the flag will receive compensation, regardless of how many flags they collected. So try, participate, testing.

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Legendary costumes

The legendary costumes were introduced into the game - they are analogs of ordinary costumes, but with a unique look and pleasant bonuses. As for the bonus, having made a legendary costume (clothing + weapons) you will receive from 64 to 100 GS in the form of an attack and character defense.

How to get the legendary costumes. To do this, you will need to synthesize parts of a regular costume. The synthesis menu can be opened in the game store in the costumes section.

Choosing two similar items in the case of success you get the legendary analogue of this part of the costume, or in the case of failure you get one random part of the usual costume.

Greatly changed the prices of the costumes when selling at auction, if in the figures, the prices were raised 25 times.

Added bonus sets sharpened above 45.

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