In the update on January 24, Taiwan servers added offline auto hunting, a store for miles, a temporary book.

Offline hunting.

Added a new functionality that is currently available only on Taiwan servers. When a character is engaged in auto hunting, fishing or collecting resources, you have the opportunity to close the client through the economy mode functionality. After at any time entering the game and again pressing the economy mode button, you will receive items that were mined using auto hunting / fishing / resource collecting. This feature is available after 40 levels of black spirit and once every 3 hours. When auto hunting your inventory can be loaded up to 200%.

Auto hunting can not be used in locations where the character's GS is 500 lower than recommended. Also, if the recommended GS is higher than yours, you definitely need to have a number of cans of HP

Black Desert Mobile Taiwan

Book items.

Added temporary pages of books items. Appears at the beginning of each week and disappears at the end of the week. Must have time to fill in to receive all the awards.

Shop Miles.

Added store for miles, when you buy goods for pearls, you will receive Miles in the amount of 20% of the spent pearls. Miles can be spent on various items in a special tab.

Black Desert Mobile Taiwan

Increased the maximum level of knowledge of bosses from 50 to 100.

Increased the cost of items in Nightmare by about 50%.

Added mini-game when loading client.

Black Desert Mobile Taiwan

Added new animals to the Farm in a personal fort. On the servers, Taiwan so far only the Cow.

Improved character selection interface.