In the January 17 update, Taiwan servers added a new world boss, Gias, added a new level in the Lands of Valor.

World Boss Gias.

Added a new world boss Gias. It is available to all players of level 35+. You can log in on Saturday.

Gias Black Desert Mobile Taiwan

Lands of Valor.

Added a new level of Land of Valor, the minimum GS for entry 4600. The cost of entry of 10 coins of valor, runs for 1 hour.

Black Desert Mobile Taiwan

Automatic Engraving.

Added the possibility of automatic engraving. Need a black spirit level 120 and above. You need to select the desired bonus in the menu, and the value of this bonus, for example, from +10 attack and start automatic engraving, the engraving of the object will be stopped in case of a desired bonus or higher. You can also tick off the preservation of the old bonus.

Black Desert Mobile Taiwan