In the update on December 21, Taiwan added new territories, Guild Elite RB, Decorations for Christmas.

New territories.

Added new territories in North Media, recommended by GS from 4000 to 6000.

Black Desert Mobile Taiwan

Added a new bonus when wearing Abyss jewelry. When wearing from 2 to 5 jewelry one set you will receive a nice bonus.

Black Desert Mobile Taiwan

Guild RB.

Added a new enhanced Guild RB. In order to get on it you need to accumulate 500 items of the passage, which are given for passing ordinary guild RB depending on the number of participants.

Black Desert Mobile Taiwan

Changed the resource collection card for workers, added new gathering places for 24 hours (to open the territory, you need 10 blue rank for collecting resources) And also added a fish collection.

Black Desert Mobile Taiwan

Added the ability to auto buy from Shakatu

Changed the minimum level for skill discovery quests at 56, 57 and 58

Increased bonus when sharpening artifacts

Increased the experience of the black spirit when feeding the legendary and higher equipment.

In Nightmare and Lands of Valor, the maximum level of monsters will be changed depending on the players currently in location.