In the December 13 update they added: a new level of ancient ruins, additional engraving of awakened objects.

Ancient Ruins.

Added a new level of difficulty with a minimum GS - 4000. At this level, you can purchase books for reborn skills.

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Engraved awakened items.

Added a new engraving of awakened objects. Bonus can only be an attack or defense (and that gives a GS). The cost of a click is very high. Below is a table. The return of the previous engraving is also worth 100 pearls or 100 spheres, and the chance to return the engraving is 50% (after the update the event is valid and during the event the chance to return the engraving will be 100%)

Grade Equipment Stones Silver Bonus
Myth (2 slots) 1500 405000 Attack/Armor +8~+28
Myth (3 slots) 3000 540000 Attack/Armor +10~+33
Boss 5000 810000 Attack/Armor +11~+34
Abyss Grunil 5000 1350000 Attack/Armor +14~+36
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Game store

From useful to the store added Dust for silver and pearls, many players have problems with the awakening of Rune stones, I think this tab in the store will solve the problem.

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News about Valencia.

Developers transfer the output of Valencia at the beginning of 2019. This is due to the fact that they say something special. No more accurate information at the moment.

Black Spirit - Increased black spirit experience when feeding equipment of legendary rank and higher.

Awakening Quest Win 3 times in the arena - Changed to the quest participate 3 times in the arena.

Lands of Valor - Shortened the time of the appearance of monsters and added reborn skills to the Drop Book.

Nightmare - Fixed a bug with getting 70 characters.

Personal Fort - Fixed errors related to the buildings of a personal fort.

World Trade - Items that you get when collecting resources or killing monsters, as well as purchased in the second tab in the cities, go directly into your personal inventory.