In the update on December 5, they added awakening classes and everything related to the awakening system.

Пробуждение классов.

All characters of level 65 and above can begin to awaken the class. Yes, only one chain of awakening is available at the moment, but in the future there will be two.

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After the Awakening you cannot use the old weapon, you need to exchange it for the awakened one. This is done in two ways:

  • 1. Automatic exchange of the main and additional weapons that were used during the execution of quests for awakening. With this exchange, all the stones are preserved, engraved. Automatic exchange is available only for mythical items. If you have a weapon with a rank lower, you will be given an exchange ticket.
  • 2. The second option is the exchange of weapons in the forge, the stones are engraved, the exchange is available only from a mythical rank and the cost of exchanging 10,000,000 silver.

Awakened skills.

You will get 4 awakened skills, depending on the class, they can be active, invocatory or passive. 5 skill can be obtained by reaching level 70 character

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Reborn skills books can be obtained in the northern part of Mediah. Experience with ordinary skills goes to reborn.

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Awakening gear.

After awakening at least two classes in the family, the function Awakening Equipment becomes available in your forge. For example, you have a red nose armor, you can turn it into the Awakening of the red nose. Characteristics and detailed information at the moment no. Therefore, we will parse after waking up.

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Awakening Rune Stones.

Similar to equipment, runestones can be improved. Be careful, and equipment and stones after waking up can only be used on awakened classes.

For the exchange, we will need Rune Stone sharpened by +30. More details after the update.

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World Trade. Added a lot of changes and fixes, from interesting ones added new products, about the remaining changes, if they are noticeable, we will tell later.

Increased maximum level to 70.