In the November 30 update, a new trading system was added, a new level of the Lands of Valor, increased the drop in Nightmare.

Trading in Black Desert Mobile.

Trade is a new peaceful way to earn silver. You will need level 6 command center and a resource sharing building. To start trading, you need to enter the menu of the resource exchange building (it was renamed the Trade Building). You also need a cart that can be crafted. In more detail we will tell in a separate guide.

Black Desert Mobile

Lands of Valor.

Added a new level of difficulty to the Lands of Valor, the minimum GS for entry is 4600.

Black Desert Mobile


Increased the cost of selling items that fall in Nightmare by 50%. Also added to the drop more mythical items.

Black Desert Mobile

Increased the number of black stones from world bosses.

Fixed a bug for gaining knowledge in Epheria.

Correction of many minor bugs, etc.