In the November 22 update, the automatic passage of the Ancients Ruins was added, and the shop was also made more convenient to shakata.

Shakat Shop.

Added an automatic opening button. Now, having chosen the desired item and clicked on the automatic opening button, we will receive items until we stop, either all the cells will be clogged or the coins will run out. This feature is available with 100 levels of black spirit.

Black Desert Mobile

Ancient ruins.

At the request of the players returned the button auto passage of the Ancient Ruins.

Black Desert Mobile

Skill enhancement.

Facilitated the process of obtaining enhanced skills. If earlier we needed 3 and 5 days to gain 2 and 3 skills, now we need only 2 days. In total, all 3 skills can be enhanced in 5 days.

The preparation for a global update is underway. This week we are introduced to reborn classes through the event, which we will describe in a separate topic.

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