On November 22, a new level of Land of Valor, Discovery of skills, Reinforced solo RB was added to the servers on Taiwan.

Opening skills.

Opening skills is available at level 56, 58, 60. At each level, each class improves one skill, to improve it you need to complete a number of quests.

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Also after passing we need to activate the skill in the skills by selecting the necessary skills and press the open button.

Lands of Valor.

Added a new level of lands of valor for the 3800+ GS. You will need 5 coins of valor to enter

Black Desert Mobile Taiwan

Reinforced solo RB.

Added the ability to get enhanced RB solos when exchanging scrolls for regular ones. Enhanced RBs differ in features at the time of the murder, but then they drop x20 from the usual ones. If you got reinforced RB, you need to close it before 00:00, otherwise it will disappear..

More information about the passage of each RB can be seen in this topic.

Enhanced Guild RB.

Added a new Guild RB. To pass it, you need special items. These items are given for the number of participants in the ordinary Guild RB. The more guild members are participating in the murder of the RB, the faster you can get through the new RB.