In the November 9 update, on the Taiwan servers, Rune stones, Level 5 of the Land of Valor, Level 7 of the Personal Fort, Interserver Arena were introduced.

Rune stones.

The rune stones were introduced into the game. Each stone has many effects, both positive and negative. Of the budget stones, the best is the one that gives a bonus to the point of the main weapon. The best stone is the one that gives +17 to attack and 17 defense and +1 to the point of all equipment (using dust, this stone gives 53/53 attacks / defense and +3 to the point)

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Runestones are mined from Ancient Ruins or a play store. Also rune stones can be crafted from fragments that can be obtained:

  • - In Ancient Ruins
  • - At the Night Merchant Patrizio. Package for 1.200.000 silver in it 50 fragments.
  • - When perekrafta stones. From 3 stones you will receive a random one stone and 35 shards.

Family Rating.

Added a new family rating tab.

Black Desert Mobile Taiwan

Lands of Valor.

Added Level 5 difficulty Lands of Valor. This level is calculated for 3200+ GS characters.

Black Desert Mobile Taiwan

Personal fort.

Increased the level of personal fort to 7. Together with him, they increased the maximum level of the remaining buildings. With the increase in level 7, you will receive new tasks from the NPС, the Title, more rewards from the coffers of the Personal Fort, the opportunity to talk with the workers and give them gifts from the menu of the Personal Fort.

Added a new type of jewelry - Trees that can be obtained from the chests of the Personal Fort.

Bonus at achievement 3600+ GS - Critical damage + 15% / Maximum critical damage + 15%

Increased the reward for special luck in the shop Shakatu and jewelry.

Introduced Interservice arena. Now you can fight with the players of all servers.