In the November 9 update, they added a new trading system, the world boss Gias, changed the sharpening system and added the ability to craft black stones.

Trading system

Added a new type of earnings - Trade System between cities. In a nutshell, in each city a new NPС - Trader, we approach it, compare prices, buy goods, send it to another city, where this product is trader buys more expensive, pick up the difference. We will describe and show in more detail about this system in a separate guide.

At the moment, the trade system was introduced in the trial version, in the future it will be supplemented and will provide us with a full-fledged Trade system.

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Sharpening system

Sharpening to +40 remains the same. To raise an item above 40 you will need new black high-frequency stones. High-frequency stones can be crafted from ordinary black stones in your Forte. After 40+ if the equipment is unsuccessful, you lose the point -1, At the same time, the item cannot be lowered below 40. Also at point 40+ you can use Valks Tips which can be purchased in the game store.With the use of Valks, you can raise the chance that the subject will be sharpened by 10%/50%. Cost per click 5kk silver.

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World Boss Gias.

Added a new world boss Gias. It is available to all players of level 35+. You can log in on Saturday.

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Restricted selling items to a specific player. From now on, with the help of a scroll, only Abusse equipment can be sold. This is done in connection with the frequent sales that violate the rules of the game.