In the update on 12 October, added a new world boss Karanda Personal Fort up to level 6, Added autocontinue black spirit unnecessary equipment.


  • Added a new world boss Karanda.
  • Minimum entry level - 50.
  • With the RB you can get the Main weapon Karanda.
  • Time the emergence of RB every day in 12: 00 and until 14: 00

Up to 25 people including you can take part in one murder at the same time. The entrance location with the RB closes 10 minutes before the specified time farm

Black Desert Mobile Taiwan

Personal Fort

Added 6 level of Personal Fort, and together with him and maximum level of other buildings.

Shop Shakatu

Added the ability to automatically feed unnecessary items to The black spirit. This feature is available with 55 black spirit levels. Open the menu in the store to choose Sakato grade equipment which is not needed, in case we need to keep the rig low grade, we turn off this function.

Black Desert Mobile Taiwan

World Bosses

Removed the ability to join the destruction of the world bosses if their HP is below 50%. Just increased the chance of loss of basic equipment due to the damage.