In update 05.10 on Korea added a new level of difficulty of the lands of Valor, New enhanced solo RB, Temporary books of subjects.

Land Of Valor.

Added a 6th difficulty level Lands of Valor minimum GS to enter the 3800. One entrance to spend 5 marks of valor. Experience and drop 5 times more than in the 5th level of difficulty.

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Reinforced solo RB.

Added two new enhanced solo RB. Features of the farm is unknown yet. If you have the penetration data on the RB will you make a video and post in the comments or tell us how to pass.

Temporary Item book.

At the moment, it is unclear how it works. From the description on the website it can be concluded that this is a temporary book of items will appear for a period of 7 days. When you close get the award and waiting for the next week, the second week comes another book so close we get the award. That will on a third week it is unclear.

World bosses.

Added icon clicking on which you can see the status of all world bosses, description of drop, time of appearance, etc.

Black Desert Mobile

Strengthened many of the skills classes.

Reduced the necessary level of black spirit for certain functions.

Removed the necessary level of black spirit for the Training Tower.

Added new red runes, the chance to get them in the game store is 0.05%.


Added a discount on updating the list of jewelry in the game store. Also reduced prices for legendary and mythical jewelry and increased the chance of its appearance in the Game store and in the shop Shakatu.

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Night trader.

Shop Patrizio replenishment, added chests penetrations, stones engraving, fragments of relics and runes.

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