In the update on September 28, added new territory of Sausan, increased the maximum level to 67

New territory.

Added new territories:

  • - Kusha
  • - Stonetail Wasteland
  • - Mediah Castle
  • - Sarma Outpost
  • - Sausan Garrison
  • - Sausan Garrison Wharf

With the addition of new territories increased the maximum level to 67. In the new territories, you can knock out the red belt.

Black Desert Mobile

Black Spirit.

Starting from the 75th level of the black spirit, we have the opportunity to analyze the accurate legendary jewelry.

Black Desert Mobile

Rune stones Added 3 new rune of stone: +17 attack +17 protection and a bonus of +1 to sharpening a casual outfit.

Reduced the number of Shakatu scrolls when exchanging mythical relics from 1100 to 800.


World bosses – in the course of a week drop from world bosses would be +300%

Black Desert Mobile