In July 27 update introduced New areas of the Nightmare, updated the system Shakatu, added the Temple of the Sun, new Pets and more.

Sun Temple.

In the temple of the sun spending silver you can buy valuable items. Judging by the description of the Temple is available at a certain time, the character enters the room and presses a large button, one click is 50K. gets a random item from the list. After any of the players takes the top most valuable item the room is closed. In more detail we will analyze the Temple of the Sun in a separate guide.


New territory Nightmare.

Added a new Nightmare territory Lava cave, recommended by GS 3300.


Shakatu System.

Added a new system associated with the result of ranking upon receipt of items. For example, if you drop 10 green items you will receive a nice bonus in the form of gold trinkets.


Jewelry Store.

Added additional reward depending on the purchased items. The system is similar to Shakatu


Game store.

Added new Pets. And also added Super-Hot Deal, the Conditions are the same, the store appears for one hour, the time is not known.

Game Story

Black Spirit.

Added a new feature to the black spirit, now in the presence of level 65 you can simultaneously feed up to 15 items at a time, and at level 70 to 20. When you reach level 75+ you will be able to automatically connect runes and stones

Black Spirit

Events related to the update