New territory.

Added new territory in Western part of South Media. With the introduction of this location introduced a red two-slot helmet and shoes.


Rune stone.

Added the ability to create Rune stones with fragments that can be obtained in the Training tower. The plans of developers to introduce even more ways of mining Runes.


Training Tower.

Very much changed the tower for the worse. The only good thing is that they added an extra reward for 1, 11, 12, 14 floors. From bad:

  • 1. To use the tower need 50 level of black spirit, 45 level of characters.
  • 2. Removed the opportunity to complete the training tower by points of work.

Book of subjects.

Added a new tab in the book of subjects. We will consider in detail and describe in a separate guide


Game store.

Added new summer costumes and several types of chests.