Ancient ruins.

  • 1. Added the ability to collect a group similar to the collection of the land of valor.
  • 2. From now on, the plates for the entrance to spend all the members of the group.
  • 3. At one time, you can use several times more plates thereby increasing your reward in proportion to the spent plates.
  • 4. Cancelled the game itself in the location, Belarus has become more interesting with its features, more about the passage will describe in a separate guide.
Ancient ruins

Break stones.

The game introduces break stones, which with a small chance, using only 1 stone and silver we can raise the level of sharpening of our equipment to +1. The gap stone can be obtained in open locations, Nightmar and from World bosses.

Break stones

New grade of tyre A and S

Added new grades A (3250) and S (3500)

GS which gave a bonus when sharpening sets was moved from extra to main. Also slightly changed the bonus that was given when sharpening jewelry.

New territory.

Added the final part of the southern Media. In this location it is possible to knock out an orange belt. GS locations-3334.

New territory

Game store.

In the game store added a few new chests. And also added chests that can be purchased for silver. Of which fall mostly fall book skills, as well as of 50 PCs, we dropped a chest of stones from which fell the Golden stone in the armor.

Game store

Changed the tutorial for new players, now the character runs normally when creating. Fixed Nouver which gave knowledge. Added the ability to extend the time when buying jewelry in Game Store. Fixed Book now the exclamation mark will only appear if you really can close one or the other thing. Added several events related to the world Cup.