We are glad to announce the new class Witch she Sorka. This mage its battlefield, if judge on the PC version of one of the best in PVP.


Added a new zone "Nightmare" (Nightmare). The entrance to this area is available in some locations. They are easy to find they appear on the map.

Карта Ночного Кошмара

This zone is completely PVP. Players can attack each other except Guild members. We will analyze this zone in more detail later.

Вход в зону Ночного Кошмара

Updated growth, said mark GS 2300 +300 HP, 2800GS +50 attack +50 defense.

новая система роста

Added new location of the Castle Crowns. Painting things became available. Update Play Store. Added costumes for the Sorceress. Raised the chance of falling elite jewelry.