In the equipment of the character from the very start of the game there is a slot for a relic. At the beginning of the game, the relic can be obtained from the World Boss or rented in cities.

Subsequent updates will add new ways to obtain relics.

If you are lucky and you have received a relic from the boss, you can close this guide. In this guide, we will consider the option of renting relics in cities.

Relics in start game in Black Desert Mobile

How and where to rent a relic

The relic is taken from the heads of cities. With each new city, chapters offer a better relic. For rent relics spend points contribution. We recommend updating the relic with each new city as you progress through the story.

Relics in start game in Black Desert Mobile

List of relics in cities

Below you can find a list of all cities, the cost and characteristics of relics that can be rented. The best relic is in Behr it costs 40 contribution points.

City Cost Bonus
Velia 20 Defence 5
Western Guard Camp 20 Attack 5
Heidel 25 Attack 3 Defence 3
Glish 30 Defence 10
Delphe Outpost 30 Attack 10
Calpheon City 35 Attack 7 Defence 7
Keplan 40 Defence 17
Behr 40 Attack 17

In the next updates, these relics will not be needed, in other ways you can get a much better relic. How it was in Korea can be read in this guide.