Each character in Black Desert Mobile has 1 (in subsequent updates - 2) slots for Artifacts (relics) in their inventory. In this guide, we will consider the method of obtaining them, as well as choose the best relics for our character.

Ways to Obtain Artifacts (Relics)

At the initial stage of the game (1-2 weeks after launching the game), the only way to get the Artifact is to talk to the Head of major cities and pay part of the contribution points to the relic. In the case of uselessness, you have the opportunity to return this artifact in exchange for your contribution points.

The best relic for contribution points is in Bear Village (17 attack) and Keplan (17 defense).

Ways to Obtain Artifacts (Relics) Black Desert Mobile

After the first or second update, the possibility of obtaining artifacts using the game store by exchanging relic fragments for artifacts of various types and ranks is added to the game.

Ways to Obtain Artifacts (Relics) Black Desert Mobile

Ways to Obtain Artifact Shards (Relics)

Shards of the artifact can be obtained by hunting monsters, fishing, as well as in dungeons Ancient ruins and solo RB.

Ways to Obtain Artifact Shards (Relics) Black Desert Mobile

Selection and types of artifacts (relics)

At each rank there are 3 types of relics (Attack / Defense / Attack and Defense) with 4 kinds of shade (hue affects the element bonus). The best artifact in our opinion is the one that gives the most GS (Attack and Defense), although there may be situations where you will need to maximize precisely the attack or defense.

Abyss and Mythical Artifacts give Defense and attack, but it is also better to choose those that give more GS.

Selection and types of artifacts (relics) Black Desert Mobile

Altar Relics

Altar Relics can be found in the Personal Fort. In Altar Relics, we donate unnecessary Artifacts and get constant bonuses to weight (LT), character experience and drop items.

Altar Relics Black Desert Mobile

Sharpening Relics

Bonus relics can be improved by crossing two identical relics, you can sharpen up to +5. In case of failure, your point is reset to 0, but the relic can be restored using Recovery Scrolls. How many scrolls you need for each point can be found in this guide.

Sharpening Relics Black Desert Mobile


Exchange of fragments of relics in the game store. For the test, 40000 fragments were taken, of which we received 1113 Artifacts:

  • - Abyss (Red) – 0
  • - Mythical – 5
  • - Legendary – 33
  • - Purple – 209
  • - Blue – 866