Workers are needed for the construction of buildings, the extraction of resources, the manufacture of objects in the camp. In this guide, we will consider the method of obtaining, increasing the level and characteristics of workers.

The way to get workers

The first two workers are given out on the plot purple quest when they introduce the player to the Camp. The following workers need to be hired at the Pub.

Workers camps. Features and Tips

The Pub menu contains 3 random workers of the 1st level of different rank. Before hiring one of them, you can familiarize yourself with its price, rank and characteristics. When buying workers, сontribution points are spent, which are obtained only by quests and in very small quantities. Important! Before buying, correctly calculate the сontribution points so that it is enough for all workers. Below you can find the price of each worker.

Rank Contribution points Max. Level
White 2 10
Green 3 20
Blue 5 30
Рurple 8 40
Yellow 12 50

The maximum number of workers depends on the amount of lodging in the camp and the level of the Town Hall.

1 lvl 1 lvl 1 6
2 lvl 2 8
3 lvl 2 lvl 3 13
4 lvl 4 16
5 lvl 3 lvl 5 25
6 lvl 6 30
7 lvl 7 35

Worker characteristics

When buying a worker, it is important to pay attention to 3 main characteristics of the worker: Vitality, Strength and Dexterity. Which of these indicators is higher, that will be the main one and will increase much more than the rest with an increase in the level.

  • Vitality - The higher the Vitality, the less food and time a worker spends to extract resources.
  • Strength - The higher the Strength, the faster the worker builds the building.
  • Dexterity - The higher the Dexterity, the faster the worker creates items. Agility also increases profits from Nodes.
Workers camps. Features and Tips

In addition to the main characteristics, it is important to monitor two more Loyalty and Fatigue.

  • Loyalty (Labeled star) - The higher the less loyalty lazy workers lazy less than the lower the chance that the worker will refuse to perform the task. Loyalty can be raised through a conversation with the worker.
  • Fatigue (indicated by smile) - Fatigue accumulates if the worker works hard. If fatigue reaches a maximum (purple sad smile) and the worker is not allowed to rest, he may refuse to work 24 hours. Fatigue can be raised with Worker Support.

Important! With high fatigue, Loyalty is consumed much faster. (when sending a worker to work with a red smiley of fatigue, 5 loyalty will be lost, With a purple smiley 10 loyalty)

Gifts for workers - With the help of gifts you can increase Loyalty, reduce fatigue and also pump the level of workers. Gifts can be obtained when killing monsters or bought in the city at the gift store.

Workers camps. Features and Tips

Other functions of workers

Workers can be removed, spent contribution points will be returned. Workers should be removed only if you choose a worker with the wrong characteristics or urgently need contribution points. It happens that you need to remove a worker of a high rank in order to take two or three workers of a lower rank.

Workers can change the name. Names may be the same for several workers at once..

Worker experience table

To increase the level of the worker requires a certain amount of EXP. Below is a table with an approximate amount of EXP for raising the level of the worker. You can raise the level by sending workers to extract resources, build buildings, create objects, as well as giving gifts.

1 0
2 50 50
3 105 55
4 170 65
5 250 80
6 350 100
7 475 125
8 645 170
9 880 235
10 1145 265
11 1470 325
12 2210 740
13 3105 895
14 4175 1070
15 5440 1265
16 6920 1480
17 8635 1715
18 10605 1970
19 12855 2250
20 15405 2550
21 18280 2875
22 23090 4810
23 28440 5350
24 34390 5950
25 40970 6580
26 48215 7245
27 56145 7930
28 64765 8620
29 74195 9430
30 84400 10205

The amount of experience gained when sending workers to gathering resources:

  • Gathering 1 hour – 280 EXP
  • Gathering 2 hour – 120 EXP
  • Gathering 4 hour – 240 EXP
  • Gathering 8 hour – 480 EXP
  • Gathering 16 hour – 960 EXP

The best way for the worker is to send workers to a regular hourly fee. Worldwide resource gathering brings significantly less EXP.


At the initial stage of the game, due to the small number of contribution points, it is not worth acquiring high-ranking workers.

All workers should be about the same level. To come from the fees at the same time. Adjust level by giving gifts to low-level workers.

At the start of the game, deposit points will be needed to acquire relics. I have 119 contribution points at level 52, 40 are worth a relic, 79 I can afford to spend on workers, I have 25 jobs for workers, the maximum that I can afford is 23 green workers and 2 blue ones. Having bought a gold or purple worker, I will have to sacrifice something, either a relic or the number of workers. But 4 green workers are better than one gold.

The extraction of resources is important at the start of the game, I took all my workers with a high Vitality indicator since they are engaged in the collection most of the time. It may be worth picking up 3-5 workers with maximum performance for building and creating items, but most should be focused on collecting resources.

Renaming workers. I renamed all the workers depending on their second characteristic, as I wrote above I have all the workers with the maximum Vitality indicator, but here the second indicator for some workers is Strength for others, Dexterity, and here to divide them and know who to send to create objects whom to build a building, I renamed them. The names for each category are the same. At any time, I can rename them somehow differently. For example, trade will be introduced in the future, there you will need to select 4 workers who will constantly engage in it.