What is rune circle in Black Desert Mobile? How to collect it correctly and what bonuses does it seek? Let's sort it all out in our guide.

Rune circle is one of the methods of strengthening your character. The circle consists of 4 parts with different bonuses. Parts of the circle give the main bonus and additional, as well as divided into ranks, the higher the rank the greater the main and additional bonus.

Rune circle Black Desert Mobile

Description of bonuses of parts of the circle

Each part of the circle gives its main bonus. The value of the bonus depends on the rank, the higher the rank the greater the bonus. Description of the parts of the circle:

Rune circle Black Desert Mobile
  • 1. Black spirit damage +5% - +35%
  • 2. Black Spirit Experience Bonus +5 - +35%
  • 3. Bonus to the chance of successful synthesis of stones inlay +5 - +35%
  • 4. Reducing the cost of sharpening black stones -5 - -35%

Starting with the blue rank, parts of the circle give additional bonuses, the most useful is Attack and Defense, they give our character an extra GS. All types of bonuses:

  • 1. Attack
  • 2. defense
  • 3. Max HP
  • 4. Critical Damage
  • 5. Spirit (MP) and Spirit Regeneration (MP)
  • 6. Weight(LT)
  • 7. Elemental Bonus
  • 8. Increase experience

Ways to get

The main way to get pieces of a circle is to hunt monsters. Also, pieces of a circle can be obtained by going to the game store and choosing a special section in which you can exchange fragments of a circle for ready-made pieces of a circle. By the way, at least once in 60 pieces you will receive a legendary piece, this is done according to the principle of getting equipment from Shakatu. Fragments of a circle can be crafted in the Personal Fort. In addition to these two methods, Chunks and fragments of a circle can be obtained by participating in various events.

Rune circle Black Desert Mobile

Circle Synthesis

Synthesis allows you to get new pieces of a circle higher rank. Unfortunately, this method is not very effective for obtaining the mythical and Abusse parts of a circle, sometimes it seems that it is better to sell parts of a low rank to the store than to try to craft by synthesizing a high rank circle.

Rune circle Black Desert Mobile

Some tests

Exchange fragments of a circle in the game store. For the test was taken 20,000 fragments. 552 pieces of different grades were received from them:

  • Red(Abyss) - 1
  • Mythical – 2
  • Legendary – 17
  • Purple – 88
  • Blue – 310
  • Green – 134