How to delete a character in Black Desert Mobile? This is one of the most popular questions that we will examine in this guide.

To delete a character, just go to the character selection menu. Select the character you want to delete and click the corresponding button in the left corner.

Knowledge Black Desert Mobile

We are asked to confirm this action and report that the character will be deleted after 7 days.

Knowledge Black Desert Mobile

We agree and see the exclamation mark next to the class of the character being removed. When you select in the left corner you can see the timer and the cancel button for deletion.

Knowledge Black Desert Mobile

At the end of 7 days, instead of the timer, a button appears clicking on which we are offered to enter “Delete character” in the language of the server on which you play. At the moment the game is available in two regions below the region and the removal phrase:

  • Korea - 캐릭터 삭제
  • Taiwan - 角色刪除
  • Japan - キャラクター削除

That's all you need to know about deleting a character.